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Some of my research papers can be found on line. Here are the links for those papers

Research Papers

Project Presentation

My project presentation for which I got IEEE-P 2008 Gold medal is this

International Perspective Newsletter

My work as an Editor for the International Perspective newsletter can be viewed here

UITCS newsletter

I worked as the newsletter Coordinator for the UITCS- ACM newsletter in 2006-2007

Published Articles

Unpublished Articles

  • Cloud Computing
  • Facebook : A social evil
  • Principles of Programming Languages
  • Building Wind Mills

Current Research Areas 

  • Energy Consumption of Cognitive Radio
  • Anonymizers
  • Software Defined DataCenter
  • Virtualization
  • Linux Containers

Articles published at Journal of America

March 2015
Comparing The Incomparable: Pakistan’s Education System with the Rest of the World

October 2015
The Role and Contribution of OIC in the Development of Educational and Scientific Facilities in the Muslim World

January 2016
Educating Pakistani women achieves economic gain and human development

American Education System

5/1/2016  American Education System and the trillion-dollar student loan

STEM Education

6/30/2016 STEM Education need Urgent Action and Attention

7/12/2016 Solving United States lack of STEM graduates Problem

7/26/2016 EastSide Pathways STEM Education Needs Urgent Action and Attention

Long Version South Seattle Area Students-need STEM Education for Prized Careers

Short Version 

13-12-2018  Declining Interest in STEM Education in US

30-12-2018  Raising interest of middle school students in STEM education

27-1-2019  Trump’s STEM Education Vision

27-01-2019  US STEM Policy Development Framework

7/29/2016     High-line Times / West Seattle Herald

IT Parks 

13-2-2019    Building IT, Technology And Innovation Park In Karachi – A Strong Avenue For Economic Development In Pakistan

24-02-2019  Building IT Parks – A Strong Avenue For Economic Development In Pakistan

12-03-2019  Building IT, Technology and Innovation Park in Karachi- A strong avenue for Economic Development in Pakistan

9-4-2019      Necessity of Software and technology Parks in underdeveloped countries to stir Economic Growth


1-05-2019   Hakim Muhammad Saeed – A Visionary

3-05-2019  Diluting Pakistani Brain Drain: Securing Lasting Success by Retaining Talent

3-5-2019   Hakeem Saeed- A visionary