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About Wajid Hassan

I help make Telecommunication Networks and Data Centers faster and more reliable and to offer advanced services. I love teaching, mentoring, troubleshooting complex network issues, and traveling.

I work as a Senior Packet Core Engineer at Nexius Insight Inc. while consulting for AT&T as a Solution Architect.

I tend to overextend myself as I am introduced to leadership roles where direction is needed. While this is important, I find time to mentor, teach, and travel. Even though I have a passion for success, I look forward to rest and refresh through the art of extensive reading.

Some of my other skills are in advising, engaging in political discussion, and research.

I am ambitious, driven, and resourceful.

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Deciphering Pakistan’s Education Riddle

Wajid Hassan is a Ph.D. Fellow in Technology Management at Indiana State University, USA. He currently serves as the President of Pakistani American Congress and is a concerned Citizen who has deep passion for the betterment of the lives of the people and thinks attainment of higher literacy rates and quality education is the only solution for this matter. He is author of the book ‘Deciphering Pakistan’s Education Riddle’